Sahiwal/Islamabad - PML-N Quaid and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said the party will be contesting the general elections against ‘invisible” forces.

“During the elections in 2018, PML-N will be up against such forces that cannot be seen. To vote for anyone other than us means approving a government of puppets,” Nawaz said while addressing a mammoth party rally in Sahiwal.

In a statement also issued on Tuesday in Islamabad, Nawaz Sharif said PPP leader Asif Zardari’s recent statement does not befit the head of a national party, adding that he does not want to engage in a war of words with the former president.

In Sahiwal, Nawaz said PML-N government controlled the loadshedding, eradicates the terrorism, and restored the peace in Karachi. He further said Motorway will pass near Sahiwal and it will be linked with the city. He asked his supporters to select PML-N in next elections for the prosperity of country and for restoring the respect of public vote.

Taking jibes at PTI chief Imran Khan, Nawaz said Ladla (beloved) is failing to achieve his motives and is trying to damage a developing Pakistan.

He added “Imran continues to call for a Naya Pakistan, but just go and have a look at Peshawar. It is in a miserable state and so is the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.”

Speaking regarding PML-N’s performance during the party’s ongoing tenure, the former premier said the ruling government has put an end to terrorism and energy crisis, and restored peace and stability in Karachi.

The former PM also questioned his ouster from premiership. “I ask you all again, why was I disqualified? Did I do corruption? No, I was ousted because I refused to accept salary from my son.”

Nawaz criticised Imran saying the PTI chairman was also “sold” and his party members formed queues to vote for Peoples Party in the Senate elections.

He said voting for others was tantamount to formation of a “government of stooges.” “Imran has become a stooge,” he told the participants. “They all have a secret understanding. Imran voted for arrow [PPP’s electoral symbol].”

He said that Zardari would not oppose Imran and vice versa. “Have some shame, why do you think people of being fools?”

Nawaz also took a jibe at the rival Tehreek-e-Insaf over its recently-held rally in Lahore, saying, “Jalsa Lahore da, banda Pishore da, tey agenda kise hor da (Rally in Lahore, crowd from Peshawar, and agenda of someone else).”

“Laadley sahib, you are not succeeding. You were a failure earlier and you have failed now as well,” he said.

The former premier questioned was there anyone to inquire the ones, who exploited pilgrims. His remark was a clear reference to the Hajj corruption scandal that surfaced during the tenure of former PPP-led government.

Nawaz further asked the participants to visit Peshawar and see which ‘naya Pakistan’ was being made there. “Peshawar is in ruins while the rest of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is also in bad shape.”

He also asked the people to inquire the PTI chief as to where did he end load shedding in KP.

“PML-N put an end to load shedding in the whole of country, rooted out terrorism and restored peace to Karachi,” the former premier noted. “We brought CPEC to Pakistan and they are again pushing a well-to-do country backwards.”

He said the slogan “give respect to vote” meant that all what had been happening for the past 70 years might not be repeated over the next 70 years.

Addressing the participants, Nawaz promised to make mini-motorway in Sahiwal if they once again elected him as prime minister.




Maryam Nawaz also addressed the PML-N supporters and told that Imran Khan is a puppet and he is in alliance with Asif Zardari. She criticised the trial of Nawaz Sharif and said they are victimised. She claimed that PML-N will clean sweep the upcoming elections and will again make the government.


Terming PTI’s April 29 rally a flop show, Maryam said that Imran Khan visits Lahore time and again with hopes to gain support of people of Punjab but fails at it every time.

The firebrand PML-N leader said that people of Punjab “reject” Imran Khan time and again for they know “he is a a pawn” who takes orders from “top”.

“He comes again and again to see if people of Punjab are ready to vote for him but bites the dust every time for people will never vote for a pawn,” said Maryam Nawaz.

She “warned” people of Sahiwal that if they will vote for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in upcoming general elections, the PTI chief will sell their votes to Zardari as he did in Senate elections.

“Remember their faces, these people (PTI leaders) will sell your votes to PPP, they don’t deserve your vote, they deserve punishment,” Maryam Nawaz told a charged crowd in Sahiwal before asking them to raise ‘Zardari, Imran Bhai Bhai’ slogans.

She was of the view that Nawaz Sharif did his best to resolve energy crisis and brought country on the path of progress forcing Zardari and Imran Khan to form an unholy alliance to beat him as they know they can’t beat him in elections.

“Who will you vote for? one who demands respect for vote or ones who take orders from top and disrespect your vote?,” Maryam Nawaz asked the crowd.

Maryam Nawaz said that Imran Khan plays the role of a ‘guest actor’ in each election held in the country.

Addressing the participants of the rally, she said it marked the start of what party officials claim is its ‘public mobilisation drive’.

“When Imran’s party in elections ends, he is nowhere to be found then,” she said, adding that the PTI chief will ‘disappear’ after the upcoming general elections. 

“It is only Imran’s fate to be used as a pawn” she said.

In his response to Zardari’s remarks, Nawaz questioned that in whose hands he (Zardari) was playing now and dissociated himself from the hard-hitting statement of the PPP Co-Chairman given back in 2015.

Nawaz said the same evening Zardari had given statement against the then army chief he had conveyed his displeasure over it and later on next day he had cancelled his scheduled meeting with Zardari.

Making a mockery of Zardari’s statement that he had been playing a stooge in his hands, Nawaz questioned that if he had been giving anti-establishment statements on his behest in the past then on whose directions he was levelling the present allegations against him.

Recently, a section of media carried a statement attributed to Zardari that Nawaz was cunning and opportunist beyond his expectations but just hours after the statement was aired by private television channels, the PPP spokesman denied having issued the statement.

In the statement attributed to Zardari, he said back in 2015 he (Zardari) had given a hard-hitting statement against the military establishment on the behest of the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif but instead of standing by him he not only dissociated himself but had also cancelled a scheduled meeting with him.

He alleged Nawaz had used him as bait to strengthen his relations with military establishment and always drag his feet back after enticing him in a hostile position against the establishment.

The statement issued on behalf of Nawaz said it is unbecoming of a leader of the mainstream party to come up with derogatory and unfounded allegations against a leader of another national party.

Nawaz said right now he was working on a great national cause and had launched a movement for establishing a true democratic order and people’s right to rule and could not afford to indulge in such activity of trading allegations with leaders of other political parties.

He said if Zardari wanted to put his weight other than people of Pakistan’s favour he could do so but at least he should not indulge in mudslinging and stop distorting the historic facts.

Nawaz said was Zardari politically so naive that he was enticed by him to come up with a hard-hitting statement against the Army, adding that why he had not disclosed all that at that time and now three years down the road he was uttering all this.

He further said differences with former military dictator Gen Musharraf should not be translated into abhorrence against the institution and that was the reason he had conveyed his displeasure over it to him (Zardari) the same evening and on following day had cancelled his scheduled meeting with him.

He said PML-N had agreed to join the PPP-led coalition government on conditions of impeachment of Musharraf, revocation of 17th Amendment and restoration of judiciary but who had backed out of the written agreement with them by saying that these agreements were not divine or part of the holy book.

Driving back Zardari in history, Nawaz said he (Zardari) along with another national leader came to him at his Riwind residence where he had insisted to grant constitutional cover to Musharraf’s acts which he had declined.

About the NAB crackdown on PPP leaders in Sindh, particularly Dr Asim Hussain, Nawaz said he (Zardari) knew it well that who was behind screwing the PPP leaders in Sindh and that neither the federal government nor he had any role in it.

Nawaz advised Zardari that instead of engaging in mudslinging and levelling allegations against political opponents he must focus his energies on the upcoming elections and work for his party which has been reduced to the rural Sindh.