Pakistan was twice offered the golden opportunity to liberate Kashmir, once in 1947-48 and second in 1962 to resolve dispute as per the aspirations of the Kashmiri majority population. The bitter reality is that we wasted both these chances. 

In October 1947 when Governor General Pakistan MAJ, competent authority under Govt of India Act 1935, ordered troops to move into Kashmir valley and liberate Srinagar, the Acting Army Chief Gen Gracy refused to obey him. He preferred to listen to Lord Mountbatten GG of India and Field Marshal Claude Auchinleck. The tragic reality is that Muslim officers under Gen Gracy’s command chose in their wisdom to obey him, instead of Quaid’s order, who was sole legitimate competent authority and not GG Mountbatten. Even Dras and Kargil which were under control of Pakistan were recaptured by India in November 1948. 

The send opportunity occurred in 1962 during Sino Indian war, when President Field Marshal Ayub Khan, in his wisdom preferred not to listen to advice of Chinese leaders to liberate Kashmir and instead opted to hear US President Kennedy and UK PM Harold Macmillan. What a coincidence that Ghandara Motors was gifted for $1 only. 

In a talk show held on 1 April, participated by Lord Nazeer and Rustam Shah our former envoy to Afghanistan who spoke against Indian brutalities, it was shocking to hear contradictory viewpoint by former Foreign Secretary and former Ambassador to UN, both holding foreign passports. The former Foreign Secretary, an American national, was adamant that the US policy on Kashmir serve interests of peace. It is due to conflicts of interests of those working in our foreign service and others holding public offices, that Pakistan’s principled stand on Kashmir has not many supporters. 


Lahore, April 1.