RAWALPINDI  -   The prominent religious and spiritual leaders, Peer Muhammad Naqibur Rehman and Peer Sahibzada Muhammad Hassan Haseebur Rehman, have praised the recent statement of Pakistan Army spokesman, saying the entire nation is proud of their armed forces.

Armed forces were conducting national duties of protecting the ideological and geographical borders under the leadership of army chief.

Addressing a joint meeting of Ulema here, they said Pakistan Army was fighting with external aggression, internal threats and terrorism also with braveness, greatness and wisdom.

The religious leadership of country along with whole nation were at the back of armed forces and was ready for all kind of sacrifices for the country, they added.

They said Pakistan was passing through a critical period hence they should look at the national interests and national security requirements every moment and prevent any negative activity and harmony which was violating national interest and security.

At the end, Peer Naqeebur Rehman prayed for prosperity of the country, the security, development and for the successes of armed forces of Pakistan.