ISLAMABAD-‘No helmet, no fuel’ initiative introduced by the district administrations in the recent past to curtail number of causalities on roads proved to be a fancy flight as several petrol pumps operating in the twin cities are flouting the rules to sell their product.

A number of close circuit television footages shared by citizens on social media from various filling stations of Rawalpindi and Islamabad show mockery of the initiative where pump owners have their own helmets and if a biker is without it, they put on one on his head before filling the fuel in his tank. This attitude shows how casual we are even on the lives claiming issues.

The idea was first ever introduced in Bangladesh, where legislation was passed in 2017 to bar the pumps from selling petrol to those bikers driving sans helmet, was later adopted by India and Pakistan.

The initiative was taken by Punjab’s apex court to ensure wearing of helmets for riders.

On the directives of the court, the Punjab government issued an official handout depicting complete ban on provision of fuel to those bikers violating the rule. Following Punjab, the capital’s administration also issued the same orders.

Dhaka and Delhi however managed to implement the initiative showing significant decrease of bikers’ deaths in head injuries but unfortunately here in Pakistan the initiative taken is just being ridiculed.

Sources in Islamabad Traffic Police said that the ITP were determined to follow the guidelines issued by the District Magistrate and his deputed officials were dealing with such complaints in field.

To a query, they said that the video recently surfaced on social media showing a pump staffer facilitating every violator for having fuel was pictured in Rawalpindi and claimed that the order was being followed in letter and spirit.