ISLAMABAD : Pakistan is primarily an agricultural economy and most of its cultivable land is already being cultivated. However, rapid urbanization is putting pressure on availability of agricultural land for farming, biotechnology experts said Wednesday.According to them, one of the solutions adopted globally is biotech or genetically modified (GM) crops. Since long, GM crops have helped farmers around the world to use less land and fewer inputs to produce more by minimizing the crop losses. With reduced inputs costs this technology has helped to increase overall productivity of farmers. It is widely accepted that around 40% of world’s potential crop production is lost annually due to weeds, insects and dieses.Insect-resistant, disease-resistant and herbicide-tolerant genetically modified crops are helping farmers to reduce their crop losses.   Minimized crop losses help to produce more yields, and genetically modified crops are allowing farmers to produce more from existing lands. Scientists believe that GM crops have a proven track record to increase agricultural productivity and improve the economic and environmental sustainability of farming in the developing world and Pakistan has a profile that requires adoption of GM crops and needs it now.