The gas bills for the last month have been exorbitantly high in general, Rs 31,130 to be exact. This figure is expectantly high. I had asked the technician to check the pipeline and he informed that there was no leakage. You can appreciate from the photocopy of the past 10-month’s bills that the average amount comes out to be Rs 2890/- p.m. I had sent letters to the Secretary OGRA and to the Managing Director of Sui Northern Gas, but I did not get any acknowledgment (as expected). I am writing this letter to you that there is a lot of unrest among the people in general and I am afraid if this problem if not addressed, it would blast one day.

You are therefore requested to kindly approach the authorities as early as possible and invite their attention towards this problem shall be grateful to you if it is included in the letters to the Editors.


Rawalpindi, April 11.