LAHORE-In an interview with the BBC, Sherdil star Mikaal Zulfiqar has expressed his disappointment at Bollywood’s response to the recent Pulwama attack.

Mikaal shared his view in the interview that “an actor needs to be neutral, he needs to be a peacemaker,” while expressing his disappointment at B- town celebs’ reactions. Priyanka Chopra, who is also UNICEF ambassador, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, among many others tweeted during the critical time in support of the Indian army and was called upon to stand for war.

A number of local celebrities, however, reacted with restraint and demanded peace. “I’d like to commend Pakistani actors here that despite facing propaganda, despite facing bans, despite being misused to some extent in India they have always extended a hand of friendship and tried to bridge the gap,” he stated.

He also commended Akshay Kumar during the interview for an old video that sprang up saying: “I’d like to actually credit Akshay Kumar here whom I’ve worked with, who’s a brilliant actor, who actually really cooled down the situation. I don’t know if it (his video) was related to this incident but it was relevant and what he had to say was what I would have hoped to have heard from the Indian side.”

At the box office, ‘Sherdil’ fared well because at the time of the attack it released and he admits the filmmakers used it to their advantage.