Falkland Islands Invasion


April 2, 1982, marked a geographic debacle in the Atlantic. The day Argentina invaded a remote UK colony, Falkland Islands. The Argentinians claimed that they had inherited the islands back in the 1800s while the world thought the opposite. The invasion came in at a time when South America had turmoil’s going on of its own. Britain had ruled the islands for almost a hundred and fifty years and they were in no mood to give up on Argentinian pressure.

Then Prime Minister, Thatcher confronted the Argentinians resulting in the Falkland war. It was after a severe loss on both sides when Argentinians surrendered at Stanley. Though Britain almost lost five ships, her majesty`s naval fleet was able to humiliate the Argentinians.

Thatcher, on the other hand, gained enough popularity to sweep away the 1983 parliamentary elections. As of today, Falkland is under self-governance however, it serves as a British overseas territory. Falklands serve in the same manner as other British overseas territories including the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, etc.