A ninth months baby was taken to a private hospital, Darul Sehat, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi with minor stomach pain or diarrhea for which she was admitted in the hospital. Due to the irresponsible attitude of the management. Award boy had to inject her medicine. This medicine is 400 ml drip in 24 hours duration while she was injected the same in 20 seconds.

As a result, she went on a ventilator for about a week and the poor baby faced paralysis. It is sheer negligence as well as the irresponsible attitude of the management of Darul Sehat hospital that a ward boy injected medicine instead of paramedical staff. Concerned authorities should take immediate action against the management of the hospital. While writing this letter I regret to inform you that the poor baby has lost the battle for her survival. Medical negligence that needs imminent attention from the concerned stakeholders.


Karachi, April 17.