The World Bank has agreed to invest $2 Billion in Karachi for development projects.

I am excited about Pakistan, particularly for Karachi, and feel that this kind of investment anywhere in the country deserves the front page. According to the report, $1.6 Billion from this amount would be on the Karachi water and sewerage services program. One hopes that a part of this amount is on the treatment of raw sewerage in open Malir and Lyari riverbeds. Consequently, both riverbeds have the potential to transform into parks.

Karachi and its residents will get some respite from the intense summer heat. The weather, which caused many deaths not too long ago. The Sindh government is already planning a 400-acre forest in Malir. Let us hope this investment helps in making that into a 4000-acre forest -cum-park, just like central park in New York City.


Karachi, April 17.