PESHAWAR               -              The Medical Teaching Institution

Hayatabad Medical Complex (MTI-HMC) has started collecting convalescent plasma for treatment

of Covid-19 patients, becoming

the first health facility in KP to do so. The institute has signed an MoU with National Institute of Blood Diseases (NIBD) Karachi, whereby it is now part of the national program

led by Prof Dr Tahir Shamsi to pursue experimental use of convalescent

plasma in treating critically

ill corona patients.The hospital spokesperson Touheed

Zulfiqar told this scribe that the provincial government has already

notified a committee for the said purpose, chaired by Prof Shahtaj Khan, head of hematology department in HMC. The institute has made necessary

arrangements including installation

of dedicated plasmapheresis

machine and facilities for relevant lab testing such as a routine virology and immunoglobulins

status. The SOPs clearly defining selection of donor and recipient

have been approved and a team of clinicians and administrative

staff are involved in addressing

varied aspects of this treatment

option which is to be kept under close surveillance. Incidentally, the first patient to act as a donor is one of HMC’s own staff member Dr Salman working in the cardiology department who was affected with the virus while on a duty almost a month ago and has since made a complete recovery.Alamgir, a Class-IV employee with similar exposure and recovery

as the above doctor, has also volunteered to be part of the donor

activity. Medical Director Prof Shehzad Akbar Khan paid tribute to the healthcare staff of HMC who have not only put their lives on line for providing care to patients in these testing times but are now also effectively

donating convalescent plasma for treating of the patients. He also appealed to public, specifically

the patients who had tested

positive and recovered from the disease, to come forward and be part of this national program by donating convalescent plasma, which can be used to save lives of corona patients. He said the there are no adverse effects of plasma donations and the same can be used to save up to two lives thereby serving as a source of ‘Sadqa-e-Jarya’ on their