ISLAMABAD - AJK President Sardar Masood Khan in his sharp reaction to the statement of a BJP leader Subramanian Swamy regarding the resettlement of 0.5 million pundits in occupied Kashmir, has said that we welcome the pundits who are Kashmiri subjects but will Swamy talk about 200,000 Muslims of Jammu who were ruthlessly martyred by RSS, Indian National Army and Dogra Army in November 1947.

While describing Swamy’s statement a plethora of lies, he said that butchers like Swamy cannot hide the ongoing repression, barbarity, and terrorism in Kashmir behind the pundits’ issue.

In a statement here on Friday, the AJK president asserted that the Kashmiri Hindus were evacuated at the behest of the then puppet Governor of Occupied Kashmir Jagmohan in 1989-91 under a strategy designed to give a religious colour and to malign the Kashmiris movement for the right of self-determination.

The fact is that the Kashmir movement has nothing to do with Hindu-Muslim divide because both the nations have been peacefully living here over centuries. However, he added, the BJP and RSS have now brought both the nations eyeball to eyeball against each other.

The AJK president said that the Indian Army martyred 33 Kashmiri people and injured 150 others in occupied Jammu and Kashmir during the month of April, while only nine Kashmiri people had lost their lives because of coronavirus during the same month. This suggests that Modi virus is more dangerous and disastrous than coronavirus for the people of occupied Kashmir.

Sardar Masood Khan said that 570 branches of BJP and RSS in 39 countries are promoting violence and hatred. In India itself, hooligans of both these fanatic groups are targeting Christians, Dalits, Sikhs and Muslims.

There is a need to keep watch on the network of both these groups abroad which provide financial resources for violent activities.