ISLAMABAD                  -             The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Friday concluded the delivery of fourth consignment of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) kits to doctors and paramedic of across country hospitals.

According to NDMA spokesman, the last delivery of fourth consignment was sent to the hospitals of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab hospitals on Friday.

In the consignment over 950,000 surgical facemasks,39,200 N-95 masks, 178,660 protective suits, 54,880 gloves, 31,934 shoe covers, 41,065 surgical caps, 19,807 face shields, 7,795 protective goggles, 39,200 sanitizer bottles of 500 ml, 12,964 gowns had been sent to across country medical professionals working in hospitals. The spokesman said that the PPEs were dispatched to doctors and paramedics in four different consignments. The details of delivered items are also available on NDMA’s website.



NDMA concludes

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