ISLAMABAD -Despite frequent warning from the government and the health experts, the violation of SOPs continued in majority of mosques in Islamabad on Friday. However, few of the mosques were following the directives of the government and were fully adopting the precautionary measures during the Friday prayer here in the capital. It is important to mention that the mosques in city side were following the precautionary measures but in the outskirts of Islamabad, the lack of adopting the precautionary measures has been greatly witnessed. It was seen that the number of people offering prayers in some of the mosques was in hundreds and they were not following the SOPs, the report said. After a consensus between the government and religious clerics on April 18, the prayer leaders and the mosque committees were given the duty to convince people for following the directives of the government but so far they have failed to do so. Meanwhile, the Islamabad Police arrested MaulanaMasoodAlviafter violation of SOPs and was shortly released.