The disorder caused by the pandemic worldwide is making people scared and they have started to act in an irrational way. As humans, our brains are programmed to err. In the current situation, people naturally assume that people are deliberately doing or making statements that aid in the spread of this illness, despite the fact that we have a little method for knowing their actual mindset.

There are numerous reasons why individuals cannot just make themselves remain at home. The most important one is their nature; humans are social animals, it is hard to stop ourselves from doing what we do best. The second point would be control of our freedom. Many of us think that the government is trying to control our freedom and we start to react to gain back control of our lives. As we are constantly told that the world is going through a crisis, we may have become numb by the news that falsely sounds the alarm.

The reason for such a rebellious attitude of people towards their government and medical specialists, as I see it, is that humankind has never faced adversity quite like this before, but instead of going against the authorities, we need to trust them with the precautionary measures they want us to adopt. We have started thinking we are cleverer than them but we are not. We are in this together. One individual declining to socially distance will impact many others to do likewise, which can lead to more extensive ‘transmission’ of the disease. We need to stay together to fight our way out of this in full health and high spirits. Stay home and save lives!

Mavra Murad,

Wah Cantt.