I would like to throw light on the treatment of criminals in Pakistan and the problems associated with it. The existence of the belief that eliminating criminals is the solution to reduce crime rates is problematic. This theory has been rejected by modern philosophers and jurists who are of the opinion that the justice system should aim at eliminating evils and crimes, not criminals. Punishing criminals without giving them a fair trial is not the solution – rather attempts should be made to address the causes of crimes, as it is said that criminals are a product of society.

The status of criminals in our society is incredibly low where they are not even considered humans. A crime is the result of some material as well as psychological conditions, and he or she does not cease to be a human. Hence, he/she has some rights even after the conviction; and it is up to the court of competent jurisdiction to decide whether he/she should be deprived of the right of life or not in accordance with the law.