ISLAMABAD               -            The World Economic Forum (WEF) has praised Pakistan for tackling the global pandemic with positivity and appreciated this boost in the Tsunami Tree Project in the current times. During this time of the year where every business is facing a downfall due to the corona pandemic,

Pakistan has boosted the Tsunami Tree Project which is about the plantation of billion trees as well as a chance for employment

for many daily wagers across the country. Prime Minister Imran Khan in his latest tweet referring to this project stated, “Killing two birds with one stone: giving people employment

as well planting trees”. The government of Pakistan has started this billion-tree project on a faster pace during the current time of crisis believing that with its positive effects on the overall environment, it would also bring employment for thousands of daily

wagers across Pakistan. According to the data collected from WEF, the government of Pakistan

is paying people or the daily

wagers to plant the trees during this time of the emerging pandemic.

The data shows that the authorities

are paying the workers $3 per day for planting saplings which is though not very much but still enough to feed their families and help keep the economy running till the lockdown is lifted. The job is done by planting tiny seedlings in rows which are expected

to grow into huge forests. The lockdown restrictions have been lifted in order to allow the work to continue.This billion-tree project is expected

to finish in five years’ time launched by Prime Minister Imran

Khan himself in 2018. The project was initiated to help Pakistan

tackle the