David Miliband, UK Foreign Secretary's article, 'Victory Never Meant Killing All Taliban' that appeared in the Sunday Times, avers that NATO forces in Afghanistan did not want to kill all Taliban but only those fighting them. Mr. Miliband goes on to say, "NATO wants to introduce democracy in Afghanistan". Mr Miliband might as well explain what business NATO forces have killing people in order 'to introduce them to democracy'. He would probably come out blaming the Taliban for 9/11, which some people say, was an inside job. Still others believe that US-led war in Afghanistan is a war for oil and gas pipelines and control of world resources. Mr Miliband is smart and suave just as his ex-boss Tony Blair was who fabricated the disinformation that led to attack on Iraq. Facts are sometimes distorted very well by imperial powers but people are not fooled for long. People of the world know war on terror is a war of plunder. -DR. A.P. SANGDIL, Oslo, Norway, via e-mail, October 22.