Britney Spears looks unrecognisable on the front cover of her new album Circus. While few would deny the pop singer is looking fabulous now after a difficult few years, her ethereal appearance on the album looks too good to be true. The 26-year-old star channels the famous flicks of Farrah Fawcett as she strikes a girlish pose in a peach circus outfit. Britney debuted the cover art for her new album on her official website on Friday night - a month ahead of its release date on the singer's birthday on December 2nd. The singer's glowing skin tone on the soft-focus album cover will no doubt leave critics wondering if photo editors have been a little heavy-handed on digitally altering the Britney's looks. As well as releasing the cover, Britney confirmed her next single would be the lead album track 'Circus', and also published the album's track listings. From the looks of some of the song titles, the album - Britney's sixth - is set to be her raunchiest yet. Among the more suggestive song titles includes 'Lace and Leather' and 'Kill The Lights'. One track, entitled 'If You Seek Amy', has left fans wondering if it's in reference to troubled British singer Amy Winehouse.                                                                   " DM