ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Capital Territory Administration Saturday supplied 18000 flour bags of 20kg in the city and rural areas, which were sold at the rate of Rs 420 per 20kg. District Food Controller, Ch. Muhammad Afzal told that with the increase of 20 kg flour bags from 14000 to 18000 by the Punjab Government, the normal supply of 20kg flour bags had been restored in the city and rural areas. Now, there was sufficient quantity of 20kg flour bags available in the markets at the control rate. He further told that on the special directions of the Deputy Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmad from now on, 20kg flour bags would also be available to the consumers at the weekly bazaars at the control rate. Muhammad Afzal further told that District Food Department, and I.C.T Administration was successfully regulating the supply and availability of 20 kg flour bags. He told that he himself was supervising the supply along with Magistrates and maintaining a balance between supply and demand. He told that I.C.T Administration had been maintaining close liaison with the consumers, flour millers, flour dealers and shopkeepers of the each local area and regulating the supply as per demand of the area on daily basis. He told that monitoring teams headed by the Magistrates were also constantly maintaining vigilance in the market, to ensure the availability of 20 kg bags at the control rate and action against the profiteers and hoarders on the spot.