ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Saturday assured that the government would not compromise the country's interests while taking loans from International Monetary Fund and at the same time asked the IMF to relax its conditions when it comes to developing states. Addressing a press conference on his return from Turkey's here at the PM House, premier Gilani gave a detailed resume of his meetings with the Turkish leadership, participation in World Economic Forum and the meetings with world leaders at the sidelines of the summit at Istanbul. Responding to questions by journalists, PM Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that the negotiations with IMF team were in progress and they had not committed anything with the world monetary body, either about the cut in the defense budget or imposition of tax on agricultural income. Premier Gilani disagreed with a questioner's view that Pakistan's relations with Iran were under clouds in the past and said that Pakistan always had very friendly relations with brotherly Muslim states in the neighborhood and added that if they were offered oil supply on deferred payment from Iran, they would certainly go for it. He further said that soon a delegation would visit Iran to negotiate oil supply on deferred payment and expressed optimism about the positive outcome of the negotiations. To a question about the long overdue expansion in the federal cabinet, the PM said that in next couple of days people would hear good news in this regard. To another question, he said that they would definitely be offering slots in Federal Cabinet to MQM because of they were part of the ruling coalition. Responding to a question Premier Gilani said that 'friends of democratic Pakistan' but the whole world really wanted to help Pakistan, as there was a global realization that 'stable Pakistan is in the interest of the whole world'. To a question about the drones attack inside Pakistani territory despite the repeated protests launched by Pakistan with United States and NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan Premier Gilani said that during his visits to Turkey and China he had made the world leaders realize that the drones attacks inside Pakistan were not doing any service to the ongoing war on terror and reiterated government's stand that they would go for negotiations with all those militants who would lay down arms and wanted to live in peace. He further said that the mini-jirga held in Pakistan recently had also endorsed the Pakistan's policy of engaging the people in dialogue and to look for a negotiated settlement of the issue. He further said that he would be again taking up this issue with US Ambassador in Pakistan when she would be meeting him in next few days and said that all over the world their policy of singling out the terrorists from mainstream through dialogue with local people was widely acclaimed. To another question he said that America was passing through an elections phase where all the candidates were calling to the gallery and once the new President would be in saddle he would definitely strengthen relations with Pakistan. To another question Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that the D-20 members would be meeting in United States shortly and suggested that while dealing with the world issued they should take under-developed states onboard so that their point of view would be carried with clarity. Referring to his meetings with ASEAN member states leaders out of which 12 were the members of D-20 group Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that all the 12 members of ASEAN fully understand the problems being faced by Pakistan and had backed Pakistan's policy on war on terror and hoped that they would better plead Pakistan's case in the upcoming meeting of D-20. To a question about the delay in the formation of the committee proposed by the Parliament through a unanimously adopted resolution on conclusion of in-camera briefing of the Parliament on war on terror Premier Gilani said that they wanted to make the Parliament strong and supreme and let the Speaker of the National Assembly decide about the constitution of the said committee with representation from all the Parliamentary parties in both the houses. To a question about the probe into the mass corruption in the US aid during the previous regime Premier Gilani said that they should not entangle in the past and focus on the future and work for the development of the country. He, however, said that there was appropriate forum to look into the corruption done by the rulers in the past. When asked that if he was referring to the National Accountability Bureau Premier Gilani quickly said that NAB was neither an appropriate forum in the past nor now. To a question about the UN probe into the assassination of Benazir Bhutto PM Gilani said that they would come up with the reply after the formal reflection of the world body on the issue. To another question PM Gilani said that an independent regulatory authority was dealing with the prices of palm oil and vegetable ghee and government could not interfere in its working. To a question regarding dropping of the names of certain politicians from the FIR of Benazir Bhutto murder, Gilani said that no name was dropped from the FIR and the names of some politicians were not in it and the matter was discussed in detail during the in-camera session of the Parliament. To a question PM said that they not only wanted to make ECO effective but all the other regional forums active and vibrant and referred to a series of meetings in Turkey and earlier China where the focus was on regional cooperation for the mutual good of neighbouring states like China, Iran, India, Turkey and Afghanistan. To another question premier Gilani said that he wanted to see a uniform education system in the country where the youth could be equipped with latest and modern education so that they could be prepared for meeting the upcoming challenges in this fast changing world. Earlier Premier Gilani gave a detailed view of his meetings with Turkish leadership and business community who all wanted to see the enhanced cooperation with Pakistan in diverse fields. Premier Gilani said that it was their target that the trade volume between the two brotherly states would exceed from existing $700 million to $ 1 billion. He also proposed the formation of Friends of Turkey group in the Pakistani Parliament on the pattern of the one formed in the Grand Assembly of Turkey where out of around 450-member house the Friends of Pakistan group comprised 357 members.