LAHORE - The Inter-school and Inter-collegiate Games began here in a colourful ceremony here at the Punjab Stadium. The five-day activity is being participated by 80 schools and 20 colleges of the city with nearly 3000 athletes participation. In all 13 boys and 11 girls events will be contested in the games. In hockey city school beat comprehensive school 1-0 at the National Hockey Stadium. In the second match Girls high school Samanabad got walk over. In volleyball, Kannaird high school beat Govt College Samanabad while in boys category, Beacon House Canal Branch and Govt High School Mozang won their respective matches. In table tennis, Beacon House, DHA, Govt High School Samanabad, Model High School, Sacred Heart won their matches. In netball, Lahore Grammar, Beacon House and Garrison Academy while in inter college Lahore Grammar, Defence register wins. On the second day of the activity, athletics events will be held at the Punjab stadium. The Inter School and Inter Collegiate Badminton started Saturday at New Khan Badminton Hall under the auspices of Punjab Badminton Federation. In the First day following matches were played. (Results are as follows) School Boy's Singles 1st Round Anwar ul Haq (BSS Canal Side) beat Ahsan (WAPDA H/S Shalimar Town) 21-5 Salman Shakeel (APS Mahfouz Shaheed) beat Waqas Cheema (Resource Acd.) 21-10 Murtaza Rasoul (Defence Public) beat Waqas Waheed (Nobel Grammer) 21-8 Farhan Ali (Central Model) beat Shahyar Malik (Nova Quest Intl.) 21-3 Hassan (SISA  School) beat Mohammad Ali (Pride Public School) 21-13 Abdul Hannan (BSS D.H.A) beat Shahzeb (Garrison H/S Cantt.) 21-10 Seham (LGS EME) beat Anus (Unique High School) 21-4 Waqar ul Hassan (D.P.S) beat Umair Maqbool (City School M.T) 21-6 Hafiz M. Haroon (DPS M.T) beat Talha (Unique High School) 21-18 Hamza Yaseen (Roomi Foundation) beat Salman Tariq (City School M.T) 21-18 Amir Abdullah Garrison Acd. Cantt) beat Zain ul Abdin (APS Mahfouz Shaheed) W/o Sameer Tanveer (SISA School Intl.) beat Hamza Iqbal (Nobel Grammer) 21-6 Zargum Butt (Ventral Model) beat Adil Sajjad (Defence Public) 21-17 Warad Saeed (Pride Public School) beat Ali Fareed (Nova Quest Intl.) 21-7 Salman (BSS D.H.A) beat Aamir Suhail (Garrison H/S Cantt.) 21-8 Inzimam ul Haq (BSS Canal Side) beat Waseem (WAPDA H/S Shalimar Town) 21-5 School Boy's Singles 2nd Round Anwar ul Haq (BSS Canal Side) beat Salman Shakeel (APS Mahfouz) 21-4 Hassan (SISA School) beat Abdul Hannan (BSS D.H.A) 21-9 Waqar ul Hassan (D.P.S) beat Seham (LGS EME) 21-5 Hamza Yaseen (Roomi Foundation) beat Hafiz M. Haroon (D.P.S  M.T) 23-21 Sameer Tanveer (SISA School) beat Amir Abdullah (Garrison Acd.) 21-17 Zargum Butt (Central Model) beat Warad Saeed (Pride Public School) 21-8 Inzimam ul Haq (BSS Canal Side) beat Salman (BSS D.H.A) 21-9 Farhan Ali (Central Model) beat Murtaza Rasoul (Defence Public) 21-6 College Boy's Single 1st Round Usama Khalid (Govt. College) beat Rana Mohammad Saad (Garrison Acd.) 21-3 Ali Raza (Punjab College Commerce) beat Tahir Iqbal (Govt. Science College) 21-8 Adnan Ahmad (Punjab College Commerce) beat Usama Saeed (Resource Acd.) 21-14 Ali Asghar (LACAS Burki) beat Rai Aman (Defence Public School) beat 21-9 Maham Khawaja (LACAS Burki) beat Hannan Butt (Defence Public College) beat 21-13 Ghulam Farid (Superior College) beat Umer (BSS D.H.A) 21-14 Hanna Raza (Govt. College) beat Zaman Abbas (Garrison Acd. College) 21-1 Shahyar Arshad (BSS D.H.A) beat Omer (Superior College) 21-16 College Boy's Single Quarter Finals Adnan Ahmad (Punjab College Commerce) beat Shahyar Arshad (BSS D.H.A) 21-6, 21-13 Usama Khalid (Govt. College) beat Ali Asghar (LACAS Burki) 21-13,21-11 Ghulam Farid (Superior College) beat Ali Raza (Punjab College Commerce) 10-21,21-14,21-17 Hanna Raza (Govt. College) beat Maham Khawaja (LACAS Burki) 21-11,21-10 The girls Event will be played tomorrow.