KARACHI - Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and and Esfahan Chamber of Commerce, Iran, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to strengthen the traditional, commercial, industrial and reciprocal relationship between Pakistan and Iran. A delegation from Iran, led by Jafar Zarreh Bini, Leader and Senior Vice President of Esfahan Chamber of Commerce on Saturday visited KCCI and discussed matters of mutual interest with KCCI President Anjum Nisar, members of the managing committee and other members of KCCI. KCCI's Chief welcomed the delegates and briefly described the strength of historical relations existing between Pakistan and Iran. KCCI's Chief briefed the delegates about the composition and role of KCCI towards promotion of business and trade activities locally and globally. He highlighted the ample opportunities of bilateral trade and business in the areas of development of infrastructure, engineering sector, transfer of technology, export of Pakistani fruits, vegetables and rice to Iran. He also stressed upon acceleration of trade and business activities by both the countries in the fields of exchange of professional services, broad based business promotion through Chamber to Chamber contacts which would further strengthen the bilateral trade and business relations between the two countries. He invited the delegation for participation in "My Karachi Exhibition 2009" at Karachi to display a stall and to showcase Iranian products which would be helpful for trade and business promotion between the two countries. He further said." We are in the process of helping SMEs to develop and extend close cooperation to Iran to develop this sector". President, Esfahan Chamber of Commerce also proposed that his country is very keen if a joint protocol for trade and business development be signed between Iran and Pakistan. Jafar Zarreh Bini, SVP of Esfahan Chamber of Commerce, Iran, said that Iran wishes to enhance trade volume with Pakistan. He said as brotherly countries both countries should vigorously go ahead for developing trade and business in the preset worldwide economic crisis scenario. He stressed active role of private sector of both countries to help the governments for promotion of trade and business. Ahmed Fasihi, Commercial Attache of Iran said that during the six past months, Pakistan's export to Iran went up by 69 per cent to reach 118 million dollars and while Iran's export to Pakistan a increased by 11.5 percent increase to reach $129m.