After the PEPCO announced the end of load-shedding all over the country, the KESC still continued the unscheduled load-shedding in some areas of Karachi despite the weekly holiday. As per the KESC sources, only 580 mw electricity is being provided by the WAPDA to the company. However, after the PEPCO announcement for ending the load-shedding in the country, now the KESC has also announced the complete end of load-shedding in the industrial areas whereas the 4-5 hours duration of load-shedding in residential and commercial areas will be reduced to one hour. But the load-shedding still continues in the civic areas. Meanwhile, the citizens have confirmed the cut in duration of load-shedding in the city by the KESC. The KESC sources said that the city is still facing the shortage of 300 mw electricity but they claimed that the load-shedding in the next few days would be gradually reduced in commercial and residential areas of the city.