ISLAMABAD - After announcing decrease in POL prices by the government, acute shortage of fuel hit the Capital City as the stocks have been disappeared from the petrol pumps overnight. In order to accumulate more profit, owners of the petrol pumps displaced cards at the pumps' machines inscribed with sentences like 'Sorry machine is not operating due to technical faults,' 'petrol is not available'.   Reliable sources revealed to TheNation that earlier, owners of the petrol pumps had cancelled their orders for more fuel when they came to know that government was going to announce decrease in POL prices. "First I went to Karachi Company for fuel but could not find there, then turned to G/8 Petrol Pump and there one of the employees told me that some petrol was available in the old stock. This practice waste my time," a motorist Maqsood Khan deplored. "We already know about the decrease, therefore, we do not purchase more petrol on high rates," said Shoaib Rafeh, an employee at Karachi Company Petrol Pump. While same situation existed at other petrol pumps in the Capital. Arif Yousaf, Finance Manger at Melody Petrol Pump, said that due to ban on  heavy transports' entry into the Capital City, sometime shortage problem occurred but normally they were managing the things. TO a quarry he replied, "Yes, today we are facing shortage of petrol but the new stock fuel truck will enter the city after 8:00pm," he confirmed.     However, owners of these fuel stations have reverted the auto machines' figures with new rates. One of the owners of petrol pump told TheNation decrease was only an eyewash, as POL prices in the international market has been decreased manifolds. Talking to TheNation, a large number of commuters and consumers showed their annoyance over the mere decrease, saying the present cut was not as per the expectations of masses. Saeed Tanoli, a commuter, said that this decrease could not deliver relief to him as he was expecting more than five rupees' decrease in the public fares. He further said that in case of increase, new fare list immediately comes but now in decrease, the government along with their friends (transporters) is taking time. A shopkeeper Sadiq Khan said that government was playing with the masses as this decrease in POL prices nothing but an eyewash. "Only change in figures does not mean real change as inflation and unemployment are on the rise," he noted.   Saema Afzal, a housewife, said that our rulers were deceiving the masses despite to provide them relief. She further said that prices of kitchen items were witnessing a horrible surge with the passage of each day. "But no one is there who can control this mess," she lamented.