ISLAMABAD (NNI) - Former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz has said that the govt of Pakistan and United States are losing public support due to the increasing attacks on the Pakistani soil. In a Press release issued here on Saturday, he expressed his deep concern over the killings of innocent people in the attacks. 'The US attacks on the Pakistani soil have become a routine and a big challenge to the integrity and autonomy of the country', he said. Nawaz said after the resolution, adopted by the joint session of the Parliament and despite the claims of Bush administration regarding respect for Pakistan's integrity, the daily US attacks on Pakistani soil create questions about Pak-US relations. 'Now-a-days the whole world is in the grip of political, defence, strategic, geographical and environmental changes, in such a situation the growing threat of militancy and terrorism causes intolerance and economic instability, which is a big challenge for the humanity, he said, adding, the challenge can only be resolved by facing it with responsibility and wisdom'. He asked the govt to make it clear to the Bush administration that the war it may be against terror or for any other purpose can be won only with the support of the people of the area. 'If the ongoing US attacks on Pakistani soil were not stopped forthwith and the problems of the peaceful people were not resolved than civil war may break out', he warned. Think tanks and strategic experts all over the world are stressing on the changes in the economic and security policies due to changing circumstances according to which conflicts should be resolved through dialogue,he said ,adding, that why it is not implemented in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He demanded of the govt to hold strategic nature of dialogue with Bush administration despite lodging formal protest and devise such policy keeping in view life style, religious and cultural traditions, local, political and Jirga system of the tribals and convince such elements to lay down their arms. Nawaz regretted that after passage of two weeks of the resolution, adopted by the joint Parliament neither the proposed committee was constituted for the implementation of the resolution nor announced any developmental package and strategy for fulfilling the commitments in the resolution but since the passage of resolution dozens of innocent people have been killed in 20 US attacks, which is shameful. Such attacks negate the claims of the govt regarding complete supremacy of the Parliament and if the present process continued, it will eliminate public confidence in the govt and the Parliament and finally politicians will be responsible for it, he concluded.