CHICAGO (AFP) - Democrat Barack Obama grew testy with pesky press crews that dogged the presidential hopeful and his seven-year-old daughter Sasha during a Halloween stop off the campaign trail Friday. The Illinois senator took a break of a few hours to see his daughters Sasha and Malia, 10, at his Chicago home and then took Sasha by the hand for a walk to an afternoon party at the house of his campaign treasurer Marty Nesbitt. They were followed attentively by members of his travelling press corps plus a cameraman and reporter who said they were from Polish station Wydarzenia " too closely for the candidate's comfort. "All right guys. That's enough. You've got a shot. Leave us alone. Come on guys. Get back on the (press) bus," Obama said, clearly annoyed, according to a pool report. The Polish TV crew did not get the message and Obama then removed his sunglasses to stare down the pair, who stepped back. Accompanied by his Secret Service bodyguards, the Democrat broke into a trot, with Sasha still in hand, to reach the party with his close friend Nesbitt. Streams of costumed children going door to door on the traditional "trick or treat" run were out and about. Obama was in casual clothes and Sasha was wearing a white cape and what appeared to be a black leotard. Aides said her costume was a "corpse queen." Flying into Chicago from a rally in Iowa, Obama emerged from his plane carrying a large Halloween pumpkin. At an evening rally in Highland, Indiana, where the 47-year-old candidate was headed next, four carved pumpkins were illuminated by candles inside to spell out the word "HOPE." Obama is on the final stretch of his campaign against Republican John McCain, 72, ahead of Tuesday's historic election.