KARACHI - Naib Nazim Karachi, Nasrin Jalil has said that no society can call it civilised until the laws are enforced while equality and justice will not be possible until the feudal thinking is done away with. She was speaking as chief guest at a symposium on "dangerous affects of noise pollution on citizens of Karachi held at Arts Council of Pakistan here Saturday. Referring to noise pollution, she said it couldn't be controlled unless relevant laws are practised strictly by every person and organisation. No individual person or organisation can be held responsible for noise pollution but every one will have to play their role to control it. Referring to fitness of vehicles, she said, city government is not responsible for it because it is neither under city government nor traffic police. "The problems will continue unless all the organisations will be answerable to City Nazim". Nasrin Jalil said that noise pollution has registered some reduction after the construction of flyovers and underpasses in the city. But efforts of City Nazim will prove fruitful only when citizens would respect the law. She said City Government is specially focussing on tree plantation as trees not only control environmental but also noise pollution and so far lacs of trees have been planted in the city. As regards protection and nourishment of trees, she said it warrants creation of awareness among citizens and media can play an important role in this respect. Addressing the symposium, Dr Qaisar Sajjad said that normal sound comes into the bracket of 60 to 70 Db and even the sound in the bracket of 85-90 Db does not count as noise. However it becomes noise when 100 Db or above level is crossed. He said a rickshaw produces 90-110 Db noise. Dr Qaisar pointed out that noise affects hearing capability of human being immediately or gradually. Prof Tariq Rafi of E&T Department JPMC informed that Traffic cops performing duties at Tibet Centre for the last 4 years, when checked at Jinnah Hospital, it transpired that their hearing capacity has been affected by 40 percent. Shafaat Hussain, Advocate Supreme Court, Irshad Bukhari, President Karachi Transport Ittehad, Chenzeb Awan, General Secretary Rickshaw drivers union also addressed the symposium.