LAHORE - The roti made from subsidised flour costs Rs1.79, still leaving the tandoor owners to make a profit of Rs0.21 after every roti sold at Rs2, reveals a report prepared by special teams of Punjab food department, city district government food squad and labour department after a survey of tandoors in different parts of the City. The report was initiated to assess whether these nan bhais are running any losses as they often grumbled by selling a roti at the rate of Rs2. But the report shows that these nan bhais are still earning profit after selling this subsidised roti. Officials say that the tandoor owners, getting 20 kilogram flour bag at Rs250 and selling roti at Rs2, are earning handsome amount and those making hue and cry are in fact crying foul. The report was formulated after evaluating each and every expense that goes into the making of this special roti. The teams evaluated cost of flour and other items such as salt and plastic bags, monthly rent of the shop, electricity as well as gas bills and labour cost. One team selected a tandoor at Islamia Park Samanabad and studied various constants and variables involved in the making of this roti using three bags (20kg) of flour every day. For the convenience, the team divided the cost into two halves, one incurred on making roti and the other on nan. The electricity bill of the shop for the last month was Rs1,104 and that of gas Rs11,611. The tandoor owner was paying Rs2,000 as rent of the shop. The person making roti and nan was daily getting Rs750. The team divided the expenses into two halves for getting the cost incurred on making roti. The team further brought the cost to a single day and then calculated the expenses incurred on one roti. The tandoor made 780 roti from three flour bags. The cost of flour on one roti is Rs0.96, that of gas Rs0.25, electricity Rs0.02, labour Rs0.48, rent of shop Rs0.05, plastic bag Rs0.02 and that of salt Rs0.01. The daily income of the tandoor owners selling roti from three flour bags is Rs164, thus the monthly income reaching Rs4,920. Officials say that the teams have evaluated the expenses incurred on a roti very carefully. They say that practically the cost will be far less than the one calculated by teams as majority of the tandoors also sell nan and other items and the cost of electricity and gas is needed to be divided on these items also.