The load shedding is now a part of our daily routine life but our whole lifestyle has changed. The water problem has also arisen due to this load shedding because our motors can't work without electricity. Then there is the gas problem, which is rather rampant in many parts of the city. People of these areas are forced to cook on oil stoves at a time when oil prices are not very low either. All these things remind one of the old times about which we heard or read as children. People lived in open spaces and slept in the open too, or on their rooftops if they had any. Water was drawn from wells and cooking done on wood. Through this letter, I wish to ask the authorities to do something about these problems. With out these essentials of life, we have gone back fifty years in time. -FATIMA SOOFI DESAI, Karachi, via e-mail, October 21.