A story has it that a former high profile Judge, also an ex-Attorney General of Pakistan had a rough time or more accurately a rough flight recently. Reportedly when he boarded a Karachi to Lahore flight and was just settling down in the seat allocated to him the man sitting next to him kicked up a ruckus. This fellow traveller sat up and shouted out loud and clear that he would not sit next to such a (expletive deleted) man. The incident attracted the flight attendants who intervened and tried to restore order. However the target of the protest got up and moved to another seat but not before making the parting shot "I too do not want to be seen sitting next to 'such' a man." * * * * * * * * * * Rumour has it that the daughter of a former boss of Pakistan Steel Mills has acquired enough wisdom and expertise to be a serious candidate for an adviser's slot in the current government. The lady shot to instant fame some years back when dad went to prison on charges related to his job and a vindictive administration made public the contents of hers and mom's bank lockers, making them the envy of every jewelry-loving, cash-happy female in the country. If the lady does get the job perhaps she can advise these wannabes on such complex financial issues as how to privatize the Pakistan Steel Mills. * * * * * * * * * * Mr Byram D Avari has clarified that the lndus Distillery and Brewery (pvt) Ltd which was owned by the Avari family was sold 100 percent 2-1/2 years ago to the family of Mr Gianchand, a Hindu Wine Merchant of Karachi, who owns and operates a number of alcohol outlets in Sindh. Regarding his political plans, he dispelled the perception about the "incoming of Avari's political group" as referred to in the White Lies last week, saying that he stood for 12 years for the national elections as an independent candidate and supported any government in power whether it may be a martial law government, PPP or PML government. He further clarified that he retired from politics in 1993 and continues to be Chairman of the Parsi community, a position to which he has been repeatedly elected and has held since 1989. Prior to that he had been Trustee of the community since 1981.