LAHORE-Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sana Ullah Tuesday said his party was ready to sit with any party including Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf to get rid of the present corrupt government. In a press statement, the law minister said that PML-N may also give a call for long march or mass picketing of the Presidency after Moharram to oust the government, which, according to him, was the most corrupt government the country ever had. He said country could not make progress unless corrupt people were held accountable. He said PML-Ns protest campaign would continue till ouster of the government. He wondered no body was worried about the collapse of institutions like PIA, Railways and Pakistan Steels. Commenting on Imran Khans statement regarding declaration of assets by politicians, Rana said that PTI chief should not have any confusion or misunderstanding about it. All have already declared their assets, he said, adding that under the law it was mandatory for a candidate to declare his / her assets before contesting elections. The law minister claimed he had proofs to show that whatever Imran had done so far, he had done on the instigation of the Establishment. He said PTI rally in Lahore and that of the MQM in Karachi had the backing of Establishment. Meanwhile, Governor Sardar Latif Khosa on Tuesday supported PTI chief Imran Khans proposal regarding declaration of assets by politicians, saying it was a just demand and all politicians should pay heed to it. Talking to the media after attending a meeting of trade delegations from India and Pakistan at the Governors House, Khosa said that all politicians should act upon Imrans suggestion and declare all their assets abroad and at home. The governor on this occasion could not conceal his excitement when he declared Sundays PTI rally an impressive and successful show, which, according to him, has lowered political temperature in Punjab. He said Imrans rally was indicative of the fact that popularity graph of PML-N had gone down. He termed the PML-Ns Bhaati Chowk rally a rental show staged by people hired by party leaders. Khosa said that Nawaz Sharifs party was previously considered a provincial party, but now it could not be even be called a party of Lahore. He said abusive language was used in that rally which had exposed Sharifs morality before the people. He, however, believed that Imrans popularity would not affect that of the PPP and its leadership because the party had roots in all provinces. Replying to a question, he said that democracy was there to stay while any change in government would come only though democratic means. He supported his argument by saying that no democratic party was in favour of any unconstitutional step at the moment. To another question, he said that international observers would be invited to monitor the coming elections to make them transparent and prevent rigging by any of the parties. Earlier, after chairing the meeting, Khosa urged the need for more cooperation between India and Pakistan in industrial sector, but said that the two countries will have to remove the irritants before the idea took a practical shape. He said the two countries could address the issue of poverty if they extend cooperation in textile sector. The Indian trade delegation told the governor that they wanted to enhance cooperation in the textile sector in association with All Pakistan Textile Mills Association and they had also signed some MoUs for the purpose.