The enormously magnanimous show of public power at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, by Imran Khan, the Ex-Captain of Pakistan cricket team, should be an eye-opener for all the political leaders who claim to be living in peoples hearts. Not only the participation of people, but also their discipline, concentration and passionate involvement was worth seeing. Such a wondrous response to Imrans call was either a reaction of the ever-crushed public or the beginning of an era of political awareness; yet to be decided, but one thing is very much obvious that the people are eagerly craving for a change. Imran Khan might prove himself the third force whose expected intervention was being anticipated since long by political analysts; though some of them mistakenly used the term 'third force for the armed forces of Pakistan. Indeed, time will decide what would be the practical significance of this splendorous display. In his address, Imran not only raised some very sensitive issues, but also vowed to settle them in case his party is given a chance to serve the nation; one such issue was the negative impact of the drone attacks by the US forces in the tribal areas of Pakistan. He stressed that the attacks are doing nothing, but adding to extremism. Imran Khan has proved himself to be a true patriot, a brave soldier and, undoubtedly, an intelligent captain, who is always destined to win every match. Let us see if he succeeds in sustaining the same strength of audience when he plans similar public gathering in other cities. PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER, Multan, October 30.