LAHORE  - Tuwairqi Steel Mills Limited Project Director Zaigham Adil Rizvi on Friday said that human and mineral resources are two key elements for industrial development.

Zaigham Adil Rizvi called for creating a conducive and friendly environment for manufacturers to produce value-added products. He said that South Korea and Japan were two main countries in the world which had only human resources and not mineral resources but still they became developed countries.

On the other hand, he added, Pakistan is blessed with both human and mineral resources and has the potential to be listed among developed countries within a short span of time but unfortunately, the potential is not being used properly.

TSML Project Director further said that the primary need to make Pakistan an industrial state is to give emphasis to export of value-added items rather than exporting raw material.

Earlier, it had been a custom that Pakistani businessmen preferred to export only raw material and get their profit and never tried to export value-added products. Zaigham Adil claimed that it is right time that Pakistani businessmen and manufacturers should work on the production of only value-added items so that they could earn more profit margins.

It is needless to say that producing value-added products involves a lot of processes including educated and skilled human resources as well as latest technology. But when an entity successfully uses both of these resources properly, its margin of growth becomes incredible.

 For instance, Zaigham Adil said, a factory produces only billet of iron ore that has tag price of $100 per ton. While on the other hand, another factory, by using the same quantity of iron ore, produces boilers that can be exported up to $1,000 per ton. If a manufacturer produces a cog of aircraft engine from the same metal, it could fetch $10,000 because of value-addition, he added.

The TSML, he said, has not only generated opportunities in the country but also saved millions of dollars required for the import of raw material.