As a number of world leaders are upset with their phone being taped and other espionage activities of the US National Security Agency (NSA), Indian Prime Minister is relaxing – as per news reports he doesn’t have a personal mobile phone or email account. But most of the other leaders are not that lucky such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel’ whose phone was being bugged for about a decade, interesting revelations are creating waves about other world leaders and officials as well.

EU and other European and South American countries are sending their officials to Washington to discuss this breakdown of trust among allies. While most of the world’ powerful capitals are feeling the heat of what’s happening to them for decades, we don’t hear any hue and cry from the Britain. As the US is already an ally with the UK (and few other English speaking native countries) under Five Eyes agreement which permits intelligence sharing and cooperation, therefore, it will not be surprising if Angela Merkel’s conversation with her ministers or her husband comes under discussions not only in Washington but in London as well.

But the other news item which caught my attention was start of the phone-hacking scandal trial involving Rupert Murdock’s now infamous News of the World newspaper. If NSA activities are ethical and supported by the UK, then why bother with the practices of the News of the World --- let these agencies and media moguls tap into public bedrooms to know if someone is planning to attack the US or make any other plans not approved by the US.


Saudi Arab, October 29.