After the decision by ECP to announce the schedule of Local Government elections in the country, a new debate has started which is yet to yield any result. Keeping aside all technical and legal aspects along with expected schedule, it is more important that the people participate in these elections as democracy is the government of the people, for the people, by the people. So the peoples of the four provinces of Pakistan should be given the right to participate in the Local Government elections by avoiding any vote rigging.

It is beyond doubt that people are the backbone of a democracy. Although, ECP has yet to decide about many important things such as a suitable schedule, printing of ballot papers and handling of legal objections raised against the Local Government Laws framed by provinces in different courts but the preparation from public side should be complete. Now it is time for the public to decide about their votes. Similarly, the NGOs and other groups, which are working to bring awareness to the people about voting and democracy, should start their work actively.

Voting for the right candidate an appropriate turnout will play a vital role in the success of upcoming local elections. Indeed Local Government elections are the real show of a democracy at grass root level where democratic representatives are chosen by people from local constituency. People are well aware of bio-data, reputation and many other aspects of candidate’s personality so they can make an intelligent choice.

Indeed, in most of the developed countries, Local Governments elections have a unique role to play; it provides a platform for emerging politicians at national level. Even now it is very usual trend that Local Government representatives, in later stages, come forward to administer the country. In the case of Pakistan we can also choose experienced people from the new generation of political leaders.

Similarly, Local Government elections can also help establish an effective system for solving our petty issues which are left hanging for a long time. We can also materialize our dream of good governance by choosing motivated local representatives. As under local government ordinance 2001, despite its main drawbacks, we are able to experience a well established Nazim system in our country.


Kot Momin, October 31.