Former President of Pakistan Rafique Tarar on Sunday declared that India should keep in her mind that Pakistan, being the only nuclear power of the Islamic world, has emerged as the 7th nuclear power the world over.

“Kashmiris struggle for freedom.... in fact... is the struggle for completion of Pakistan - since Pakistan is incomplete without its jugular vein - Kashmir”, he declared.

Tarar, also central Chairman of Nazariya Pakistan Trust, was addressing the daylong “Pakistan Paindabad Conference”, hosted by President of Nazariyaa Pakistan Forum AJK Maulana Muhammad Shafi Josh at a local hotel on Saturday.

Rafique Tarar paid glorious tributes to late Dr Majid Nizami for his lifelong services for the promotion, safety and security of ideology of Pakistan. He also lauded Dr Nizami’s his services towards strengthen the Kashmiris struggle for freedom through his high intellect and pen.

Maulana Shafi Josh chaired the largely attended conference, which was also addressed among Central Secretary General Nazariya Pakistan Trust Shahid Rasheed, Senior AJK Minister Ch Muhammad Yasin, AJK JI Amir Maulana Abdul Rasheed Turrabi, PML-N AJK leaders including former minister Raja Nisaar Ahmed, central Secretary Finance Ch Muhammad Saeed and Dr Muhammad Amin Chaudhry, eminent writer Dr Aisha Masood, Commissioner Mirpur Division Raja Amjad Pervez Ali Khan, City Administrator Khawaja Sajid Mehmood, Dr Riaz Ahmed, eminent religious scholar and former District Mufti Maulana Rowais Khan Ayyubi, JuD Mirpur Amir Sajaad Ahmed, Shakoor Mughal of Muslim Conference, KD Chaudhry, Humayun Zaman Mirza and others. Speakers’ reiterated full solidarity with the freedom-loving people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir in their just and principled struggle for freedom of the motherland from Indian yoke.

They assured that kashmiris, living in the liberated territory of AJK, always stood united with their brethren in occupied Jammu & Kashmir for the achievement of birth right to self-determination of the people of the Himalayan state.

Justice (r) Rafique Tarar continued that Pakistan would remain intact till the day of the judgment - In Sha Allah. He said that Pakistan is not complete unless occupied Jammu & Kashmir embraced with the blessing of freedom and entire J & K state acceded to Pakistan.

Tarar said that it is enjoined upon the entire Pakistani nation including the people of AJK to lend their energies for strengthening and safeguarding the ideological and geographical frontiers of Pakistan.

“For this noble and national responsibility, we will have to focus on the promotion of ideology of Pakistan besides the Kashmir freedom movement as well as the movement for completion of Pakistan - as enshrined and served by our national heroes like late Dr Majid Nizami, the late Chairman of Nazariya Pakistan Trust”, he added.

Seeking early peaceful solution to Kashmir issue, the ex-president of Pakistan, said that it is imperative for the emergence of everlasting peace in South Asia. Tarar recalled that during his term as the President of Pakistan, he had invited the due global role of heads of various countries including then US President Bill Clinton, Bangladeshi Prime Minister Huseena Wajid for the settlement of Kashmir issue under the spirit of the UN resolutions. He wondered that if the issue of East Taimur could be resolved under the spirit of the international norms through the UNO, why not Kashmir under the same spirit, he questioned.

He praised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Shareef for forcefully raising importance of early peaceful solution to Kashmir issue in the UNGA.

He said that that the time is not far-off when people of occupied Jammu & Kashmir would embrace with the blessing of freedom.

“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and COAS Gen Raheel Shareef have truly and boldly represented the sentiments of people of Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir through taking up the issue of Kashmir with urgency for its solution in line with the UN resolutions”, Tarar said.

Speaking on the occasion, Maulana Josh said that objective of hosting the event under the auspices of Nazariya Pakistan Trust, is to reiterate deep-rooted and ever-lasting love and affection by the people of the entire Muslim-majority Jammu & Kashmir state with Pakistan, which, he added, is their (Kashmiris) ultimate destination.

“Hearts of Jammu & Kashmir people and Pakistan beat in unison - since Kashmiris consider their freedom struggle as the struggle for the completion of Pakistan - which is incomplete without its jugular vein - Kashmir”, Maulana Josh said.

The NPT AJK president said that Pakistan Paindabad Conference would be a strong source to reiterate and promote the ideology of Pakistan.