India is taking its madness to the next level by claiming that they carried out surgical strikes across the LoC, killing thirty terrorists. Pakistani troops guarding the border and the LoC can report only unprovoked fire from the Indian side that killed two Pakistani soldiers.  

No terrorist camp has been there and was targeted and no terrorists are able to cross the LoC from either side given the technologically well-equipped demarcation line. The army spokesman has rejected the Indian claims as provocation and lies; that is what has to be told to the world. He said that India has established an anti-infiltration grid at the depth of 3-4 kilometres on the other side of the LoC and has deployed state-of-the-art technology. Given this highly explosive situation between India and Pakistan there is a need to rebuke Indian propaganda as well as unprovoked fire but not to go overboard and escalate the situation further.  

The names of those two Pakistani soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice to the defence of Pakistan should be highlighted and popularised nationally and internationally so as to expose Indian aggression. There is a need to stand together now in the face of Indian provocations and alert the international community, but at the same time an escalation of the situation should be avoided. 


Karachi, September 29.