India would have never thought that Burhan Wani’s martyrdom would ignite such a massive situation and would become uncontrollable for them. Burhan Wani a 23-year-old Kashmiri leader threw a spark into Kashmiri movement and forced not only Pakistan to speak out in support of Kashmiris but also compelled the international community to think seriously about this matter. Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif has presented Kashmirs case by using United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) platform. India went against its stance despite its ineffectiveness to stop the current wave of freedom in Kashmir.  

Now it is showing irresponsible behaviour and is taking actions that can escalate war between the two neighbouring countries. India staged the drama of Uri attacks, in order to divert world attention from recent Kashmir movement and blame Pakistan for this incident without any concrete evidence. It failed to prove Pakistan’s involvement in Uri attack in front of the international community at UNGA. After this, it threatens to block Pakistan’s water. Indian PM Narendra Modi said that, “blood and water can’t flow together”.  

Pakistan warned of consequences in case of any such move. India had a good opportunity in the form of SAARC conference to deescalate the current tensions between Pakistan and India but she along with other countries announced to boycott this conference. To further deteriorate the situation, India’s claim of surgical strike across LoC, which is strongly rejected by Pakistan rings true but further escalates aggression.  

Moreover, two Pakistani soldiers were martyred as a result of Indian retaliation. It is the time for India to behave sensibly. Pakistan army has full capability to respond in the same manner but we want peace in the region and always preferred dialogue. India’s irresponsible moves are not only disrupting regional peace but could also lead to full-fledged war between the two nuclear states. It is also affecting Pakistan efforts against WoT. So the international community should ask India to stop aggression and opt for dialogue. 


Lahore, September 29.