Politicians play a tremendous role in a nation’s development by bringing peace to the state. Unfortunately, the very politicians are involved in many kinds of illegal activities that are responsible for destroying the nation which is already facing multiple problems and going backwards day by day. Corrupt politicians must be banned from participating in politics and their ill-earned money should be recovered. If we want to bring peace to this country, we need to avoid electing such people that can destroy our country and not let the nation prosper.

The rulers must wake up and resolve the problems of the masses like cutting short the hours of load shedding, poverty and corrupt politicians should be eradicated. Poverty can only be solved by transforming the country into a welfare state, and giving the poor people their rights. When these major issues stop then surely our nation can progress in a tremendous way and would be a peaceful country.

I humbly request the Government of Pakistan to take some serious steps to eliminate the basic issues and problems that are being created and also ban corrupt politicians.


Karachi, September 29.