It gives me immense pleasure to say that our religion, Islam places women to be equal to men. Women do work and earn money like men. They participate in economic activities. It really pains me to say that women are usually treated as a burden to their parents during their young age. It is then thought that this burden needs to be transferred to the husband. And this treatment as burden is the main reason of domestic violence.

Women in Pakistan are not only victim of domestic violence but sexually abuse, rape and psychological problems as well. It has been seventy years since the establishment of Pakistan but violence against women remains a huge problem. This violence is often found in the form of forced marriage, marital rape and honor killing. Some female children are buried soon after their birth. Islam considers women to be the twin half of men. If Islam, has given us those rights then who can snatch them from our hands?

The main reason of the problems is that females have been treated badly by their families. They are treated as animals. They are like caged birds whose wings are broken.

It is my humble request that women must be given their basic rights. These rights have been given to them by Allah Almighty.


Turbat, October 21.