In Balochistan electricity robbery is common as taking breaths. Because of thief of electricity, common citizens are facing troubles. WAPDA wallahs themselves do corruption by giving secret connections to their family members and to others and take kickbacks every month. Before some months, in Singanisar, which is situated in Turbat government electrical workers have come and cut all robbed connections and took the wires with theme, but after their duties, some of them came and backed all wires with putting new connections and taking money from them. This is illegally being done under the eyes of WAPDA wallahs, the government failed to solve these problems, which are stopping economy as well, and the new Prime Minister has increased the prices of everything. Besides this, people of Turbat have been facing electricity crisis because of transformer blasting, which can’t bear much load and in our side 2 Newtons machines are being used for making ice cream, and these connections are robbed ones. This bad action of careless people don’t let students for doing the preparation of examinations, which have started on 21st of Oct. So, provincial and federal governments are requested to resolve this issue as soon as they can.


Kech, October 20.