KARACHI - City administration has decided to initiate a footpath restoration drive under the title of ‘Adopt a Footpath Initiative’ with the support of commercial, business organisations and multi- national companies.

In this connection, Karachi Commissioner Iftikhari Shalwani has sought support from the private companies, requesting them to come forward for the betterment of the city to make footpaths of the city clean and a safe place for the pedestrian to walk.

He wanted from them to share their support in maintenance of pavement, tree plantation and it’s nurturing on footpaths, cleanliness and provision of garbage bins, installation of benches, providing resting areas and bus stops and installation of lights if required.

The commissioner said that the footpath will have free public access and no barriers or fencing of any kind will be allowed.

He said that the initiative will help the government to make the efforts effective being made for the sustainable development progress of the city. He further said that it would also help the pedestrians to safely walk on the foot path.

Shalwani also directed the deputy commissioners and concerned civic agencies and development organisations to play their role for the removal of the encroachments from the footpath as it they are creating problems for the pedestrians as well as the vehicular traffic.