Rawalpindi  -  A gang of about 11 robbers went on a looting spree in five areas of Police Station (PS) Saddar Bairooni, taking away gold, cash, mobile phones, electronic appliances and other valuables worth million of rupees on gunpoint from at least 9 houses, official sources disclosed to The Nation on Thursday.

The areas where the gang of robbers are operating without any fear of being arrested by police included Abid Homes, Tarbela Colony, Dhoke Abdullah and Dhoke Bawa Mureed and Dhoke Imam Din,they said.

Police have failed in netting the robbers despite receiving complaints by the robbery victims. The victims told The Nation that the gang is being headed by two notorious robbers who had been held on robbery charges around four years ago by Sardar Bairooni police. They said the gang members use two corolla cars, motorcycles, gas cutters,a ladder, and spray to put the inhabitants of the house to sleep during robbery.

They men rob houses from 12am to 4am on a daily basis.

The villagers have formed a committee with taking up weapons for guarding their areas in night time.

According to sources, the gang of robbers looted three houses in a row at midnight on Thursday in Dhoke Abdullah and stole gold and cash.The robbers first entered the house of a villager Farooq by cutting the iron gates with gas cutters and made the entire family members hostage on gunpoint, they said.

The same gang also stormed Anus Foundation School, where the owners were residing in the upper portion. The armed robbers took hostage the inmates and stole cash and gold ornaments from the house and ran away. Another villager Mushtaq, associated with sanitary business, was the third target of robbers, sources said. Sources added the robbers also took away gold, cash and other valuables form the house and fled. The fourth attempt of house robbery was foiled by house members who awakened with entry of robbers and opened firing on robbers. Robbers left the village on their vehicles, they said.

Earlier, the gang of 11 robbers entered the houses of Nazir Gondal, Subedar, Asif, Basharat, daughter of Chaudhry Faqeer and another villager in areas of Abid Homes, Dhoke Bawa Mureed, Dhoke Imam Din and Tarbela Colony and took off with gold, cash and other valuables.

The robbers had made the women in house hostage on gunpoint while they were sleeping and pulled out gold ornaments from their noses, ears and necks.

Victims have lodged complaints with PS Saddar Bairooni and cases were registered with no arrest or recovery so far.

City Police Officer (CPO) Abbas Ahsan did not respond to a message sent by this correspondent to get his version on the robberies.