KARACHI - The Sindh High Court on Thursday directed the oil and gas companies operating in Badin and Kamber Shahdadkot to submit details of their profit and tax records until November 9.

A division bench headed by Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh was hearing a plea filed by Muhammad Aftab seeking contempt of court proceedings over the non-implementation of court orders.

The plaintiff filed the plea by submitting that despite the court’s order, the companies failed to carry out welfare and developmental work locally.

The cleric hired by Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) in Kandhkot belongs to Azad Kashmir while salaries in PPL are dispersed through a third-party, it reads, adding that influential landlords are part of the third-party that get a handsome amount. Out of 90 officers in PPL, only three are locals.

During the hearing, the companies were not able to submit their replies regarding complies regarding initiate welfare and development works in Kamber Shahdadkot.

Justice Ahmed Ali M. Sheikh expressed his annoyance and sough complete record of 59-years and tax paid during such tenure from the companies operating in Badin and Kamber Shahdadkot. The court also directed to submit record regarding profit from the day of their establishment.

Earlier, former Ghotki deputy commissioner submitted a report that stated that Qadirpur Gas Field didn’t release any funds for development despite testifying that they had done so.

The petitioner stated that these companies were obliging feudal lords and not residents. He added that whether the residents should leave the area since the companies only seemed to need resources.

The court was also informed that the deputy commissioner was transferred because he had revealed the truth in his report.

Kamber Shahdadkot DC Javed Jageerani had informed that only one of six engineers is local. The court reprimanded the DC and asked if he was aware that injustice was being done with the locals. The court added that the DC shouldn’t create a situation where future generations will be compelled to beg.

The court also reprimanded Mazrani Gas Field officers and demanded the report of employees, including clerics by the next hearing.