Karachi - Karachi Transport Action Committee President Mohammad Ashraf Banglory on Thursday rejected the fresh hike in the prices of petroleum products and demanded its immediate withdrawal.

Talking to the journalist he said:  “It is an unjustified act to increase the prices of petrol and diesel. He said that the transport community could not afford new oil price hike.

He said that prices of petroleum products were reducing in the international market, but in Pakistan, they were increasing frequently.

He further said people had turned hopeless from the performance of current government as the corrupt elements were still enjoying luxurious life while the poor people had been compelled to tolerate the government’s wrong decisions.

The government has raised the prices of petroleum products, with petrol going up by Rs5 per liter. The price of diesel and light diesel has been raised by Rs6.37 and Rs6.48 per liter respectively.

The new price of petrol is Rs97.83 per liter, diesel Rs112.94 and kerosene oil Rs86.50 per liter. The new price for light diesel is Rs82.84 per liter.

The finance ministry has given approval for the increase in prices with effect from 12:00 am, November 1, 2018, Thursday.