Two more polio cases were reported in the country which increased the number of polio cases in the country four to six cases this year. According to a report the first case was reported from Gadap area in Karachi and other from Khyber tribal district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. I do appreciate the concerns authorities for their countless efforts for the eradication of polio virus in the country, due to these efforts we could observe the wild poliovirus case numbers in Pakistan are the lowest ever and the immunity gaps continue to fall. As a loyal citizen of the country I request the concerns authorities do not afford any let up in their efforts because as long as the virus is being detected anywhere in the country, no child is absolutely safe, also it is responsibility of each parent to ensure that all children have received all of their routine immunisations and are vaccinated, with two drops, every time the vaccine is offered.


Turbat, October 19.