SHEIKHUPURA - A number of vehicles including a passenger bus and four cars were set on fire on Motorway near City Interchange and on Lahore Road by the protesters on Thursday. The passenger vehicle was on its way in the morning when the protestors belonging to Tehreeke Labbaik Ya Rasoolallah intercepted it.

They vacated the bus of passengers and set it on fire. As a result, a considerable loss was reported by the owner of the vehicles. A total of 15 police constables were deployed on the motorway to perform duty. They also sustained injuries when the angry mob pelted stone on them.

It was reported that two mini Mazda trucks were also reduced to ashes.

Two minors die

In OKARA, two minors died of snake bite. The seven-year-old Ariba and her nine-year-old brother Faizan of Faridkot village Depalpur were working in fields the other morning with their family. A snake bit both of them and their state worsened.

They were rushed to the THQ hospital but they breathed their last on the way. The doctors confirmed the cause of death was snake bite.

On the other hand, a drug-addict died immediately after injecting drugs into his vein. Ali Sher alias Goga of Fatooana village was a drug-addict.

The other morning, he injected some drugs into his veins and died.