ISLAMABAD     -    Acting Director General Pakistan Sports Board Amna Imran has promised the workers that she would never compromise on their due rights and stand shoulder-to-shoulder during thick and thin.

Talking to the PSB employees in front of her office after Friday prayers, the DG invited the entire PSB staff to gather as she wanted to take them into confidence about the prevailing situation after the PM Task Force recommendations regarding future of the PSB. “I am an open person. I am here to help the PSB employees and want the board to work on modern lines. We are highly blessed to have such complex, where we have wonderful environment but we just need to upgrade our facilities.

“I want all the employees to understand we have to keep our house in order and make it a role medal organisation. We don’t need to pay heed towards such elements, who want to disturb the coordinal relationship between IPC Minister and the workers. The doors of the IPC minister as well as mine are always open for the employees. If they want to discuss something, they can discuss as their genuine problems will be resolved immediately,” she added.

Amna said, “As we all know that international badminton tournament is round the corner and it is about the prestige of the country, I never want to spoil holidays of the employees. But we have to understand that time is short and we have to double our efforts to host the event in a befitting manner. I will only ask those staffers, who are required, like maintenance, gardeners and head office staff, while rest can enjoy their off days. We have to stop negativity, as long as we work like a team, we are bound to achieve our targets.

“I assure you all that Dr Fahmida Mirza, IPC Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani and me will ensure the organisation remains in safe hands. We will never compromise on workers’ rights. As long as I am at the helm of affairs, I want the employees to be dressed up properly. I have requested the minister to provide uniforms to staff as there is no disgrace in wearing official dresses rather one should feel proud to work in different capacities, as wearing uniforms give identification,” she added.

Amna said, “I am daily visiting different facilities, taking keen interest in different assets, as I am new and I need time to adjust. If I am stopping holidays of staff, they must also understand that I also have to sacrifice my holidays just for the national cause. One should surrender personal interests in the larger interest of organisation and sports.

“We should be a role model for all, after the passage of 18th amendment, Sports ministry was dissolved and it was handed over to provinces, but when we participate in international events, we represent as symbol of federal government. We are always ready to play our positive role and will continue to provide facilities to the federations,” the DG PSB concluded.