There is immense shortage of anti-rabies vaccine at globe level. After China, India is only country to produce ARV vaccine in the Asia and Pakistan imports the vaccine from India but the increasing political tensions between the two countries have affected the supply of anti-rabies in Pakistan.

The prevalence of dog bites in Pakistan is extremely high. This year, the number of dog-bite cases have gone up to 69000 in Sindh Province resulting death of 6 people due to unavailability of vaccine in due time. This is an alarming situation and needs to tackled on urgent basis. Recently, a child from Larkana died due to the unavailability of anti-rabies vaccine. The Accordingly to his relatives, they went to the hospital but the Doctors said currently the vaccine is not available. An 11 years’ child who suffered from dog bite was brought to Karachi from Thatta and died within few hours. Like this, many cases regarding dog-bite and unavailability of vaccine in hospitals are reported in the newspaper on daily basis. Sometimes it is also reported that the vaccines are sold in black on high prices which are beyond the approach of the poor people which are the major victims of this fatal disease.

According to Health Minister Sindh Ms. Azra Pechuho, there is no scarcity of anti-rabies in the Sindh but the ground realities of much different. Sindh Government should take more serious efforts to ensure the availability of free vaccines in all hospitals especially the most effected rural parts of Sindh Province. Government should also take action for the prevention of the menace and control of the increasing population of stray dogs and take some strict actions against those involved in selling the vaccine on high prices across the province. There is dire need to look into this serious matter to avoid any worse condition in future.